Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Lazy-free days

As a child, I attended more than one Christian school. During my time in these establishments, Lent was, naturally, a big deal. The lead up to Easter was filled with endless prayer, religious ceremony and, of course, 40 days of being interrogated about what we were going to 'give up'.

As an adult-atheist, I had long forgotten about the deprivation necessary at this time of year, until the Christian school I now work at gave me a timely reminder.

Regular readers will know that I am generally opposed to the idea of doing something 'for' an occasion. I am not one for new years' resolutions or anything of the sort. To me, the time for change is every day and one should not need an external event to tell them to do something before they have any motivation to achieve.

However, having been very poorly for a couple of weeks – and found a multitude of other excuses – my motivation and productivity have been through the floor and I am being forced to eat humble pie. When asked what they plan to do for Lent, children always have such grand, wonderful ideas. By contrast, most adults simply shrug and reluctantly agree to give up wine or chocolate. It's underwhelming, uninspiring and, frankly, lazy.

Speaking of which...inspired by the children, I have taken it upon myself to use the excuse to sort my shit out and have decided to give up one, very simply thing:


40 days of binning the any-old excuses, attempting to manage my time and finally, truly get things done. That means finishing this year's degree-work, getting a wiggle on with projects at work, finding the second job I've been talking about for months (and the car to get me there) and, of course, getting my sorry butt back on the blogs.

Non-specific though the commitment is, I am hoping that the abstract nature of my pledge will work in my favour, making it achievable at the most basic of levels first. One can only ever hope for the best and that is what I endeavour to do. Wish me luck!

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