Friday, 8 December 2017

The Great Gift Debacle - Countdown to Christmas

If there's one thing I truly love about Christmas, it's gift-giving. At the end of all the stressful deliberation and trying to think of something worthy of handing over to your loved ones, the final realization of the perfect gift is nothing short of wonderful.

Giving presents is a consumer aspect of Christmas that many people frown upon but, for me, gift-giving at any time of year is a matter of showing a person how much you care about them by showing how well you know them and consider their needs. The process of doing this provides a saddo like me with no end of delight.

Unfortunately, the reciprocal version of this is rather less enthralling. I absolutely hate receiving presents. Hate, hate, hate. And this, sometimes, can stick a rather hefty dampener on Christmas for me.

It's such a first-world problem. "Oh, God! My life is so awful! People want to give me things!". But it's true! I hate being given things that I do not feel I deserve and, more than this, I hate the guilt of receiving a present that I know I despise.

I am awkward to buy for and I will openly admit this. I hate things that don't do anything so of course I don't want an ornament. I don't wear jewellery. Don't need cosmetics. The obvious go-tos are, for me, the kind of things that get used once, out of obligation, then hidden away. 

Then there are the gifts that do require thought: the photo-memory book; the crafty gift. All things that look lovely but simply live in drawers - already limited in space - until the once a year you remember to look at them.

When it comes to receiving presents, I am most certainly a Scrooge. It is not so much that I resent the idea of being given things but, rather, I know how difficult I am to please and would rather save everyone the aggro by simply not being put in that position.

Christmas is a time for giving. It's just a shame that we must take that quite so literally!

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