Monday, 11 December 2017

Blogging all the way - Countdown to Christmas

Blogging used to be a daily part of my routine. Between studying and, otherwise, doing very little, it was my chance to feel like I was actually doing something. And then, things changed. I got a job, then another, then another. I started seeing my friends more. I allowed myself to go out every once in a while. And, between all of that, I ran out of time to find things to say.

Of course, I still love using the blogs and try, at least one a month, to really get into adding new content. But time is so, very short and I don't want to write things that mean so little. 

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Every year, I make a special effort to write for Christmas. It's the time of year I love more than any other and, as such, it makes sense that I should try to celebrate it here. This is, however, a rather stupid thing to do: Christmas is my busiest time of year. Working in a school, there are plenty of festive events causing me to work out of hours. Socially, I see more people in December than I think I do in the other 11 months combined. And, of course, there's plenty of music to write, learn and rehearse for performance in the festive months. 

So, although I try my very best, the blogs are a little lame compared to what they once were. I therefore feel the need to say and enormous thank you to everyone who is still here, listening to my drivel. To you, I wish the happiest of Christmases. 

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