Saturday, 9 December 2017

Advent Collections - Countdown to Christmas

For many, December is spent giving and receiving presents, indulging in meals out or large family banquets and spending more cash than we have sense. For one month a year, it does not seem all that terrible to let loose and enjoy ourselves, no matter how indulgent. But, in all of this, it is very easy to forget just how many people do not have what we do and will not, therefore, have any Christmas to speak of.

I do not wish to report statistics about poverty in the UK: anyone with half a brain cell is aware of the rise in the use of foodbanks and the government's attempts to hide increases in child poverty by simply changing the definition. There are people living on the streets of every town and even more children who, behind closed doors, do not receive adequate nutrition.

In response to this, many individuals, families and companies make a point of giving what they can to those in need, sending donations to food banks, soup kitchens and children's charities or volunteering their time to help where necessary. And never has this been more necessary than at Christmas.

Foodbanks are overwhelmed and desperate. Many organisations are now completing an advent donation box in which something is donated - or someone donates - for all 25 days, creating a larger donation to be given in honour of the time of year. Certainly, such organisations are in serious need of whatever you can give. 

If you are unsure where to start, The Trussel Trust is a good place to start searching. Find your local foodbank by clicking here.

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