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The Thing About Apples - 6 Weeks of Summer

The Thing About Apples - Elizabeth Rose

Everyone knows the tale of the innocent young girl and the evil step-mother but few know the story to be like this. Teenager Ann's battle with step-mother Hilde and the beauty pageant she is forced to enter is worsened by an altogether different challenge: Ann's undiagnosed Asperger's disorder. 

Between the oppressive responses of Hilde and the disorientation inside her own head, Ann must find her own way to be happy. This is the third installment in the 'Once Upon a Reality' series, as a modern retelling of Snow White. 

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As a novel authored and published in America, many British readers might be unfamiliar with Elizabeth Rose and this particular title. Certainly, I am only aware of it having read it in its early days on writer's forum, WeBook.

Literary pieces about mental illness or disorders such as Autism are relatively common in the modern world of reading and so, when this book was published just over a year ago, it joined a wealth of other books tackling the same themes.

But, crucially, not every writer tackles well and, where many novels have crashed and burned beneath unconvincing plot-twists and poorly researched, under-developed character traits, Rose's writing flourishes. 

It is not enough to simply state, somewhere in a story, that the character has Asperger's, nor is it enough drop a few explicit traits into a couple of chapters. This is something that Rose appears to fully understand, instead creating a character of depth and emotion, accurately detailing the thought processes and, often, distress that can be felt by those with such a complex syndrome. In the process, she creates a novel that is as moving as it is convincing.

Though it is not available to be bought from any English book shops, I would most certainly recommend searching on Amazon adding The Thing About Apples to your 'to-read' list. 

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