Tuesday, 1 August 2017

All That She Can See - 6 Weeks of Summer

All That She Can See - Carrie Hope Fletcher

Released just under a month ago, All That She Can See is my book to read this summer. Written by actress, youtuber and three-time author Carrie Hope Fletcher, it follows the story of Cherry Redgrave, a baker with an extraordinary hidden talent for seeing the feelings that shadow every human.

Whilst Cherry utilises this talent for good, using her baking to warm the hearts of those around her, a gentleman with the same talent has a rather different agenda.

Combining love, magic and a careful dusting of sugar, this is a beautiful study in what it means to feel. 

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I have reviewed both of Fletcher's previous books, determining that, whilst her writing style was not always smooth, her ability to use words to convey the strongest of emotions was really rather impressive.

This time, however, her writing was not only smooth but beautifully moving, with passages evoking such strong feeling that they may well have been lyrics from one of her many songs. Fletcher not only has a strong understanding of what it means to feel but of how to use words to make others feel and that is a true literary talent.

What I find most extraordinary about her work, however, is her ability to expertly weave magic between the lines of the mundane, every day, making each idea feel that little bit more possible.

My book of the summer, All That She Can See, is available to buy from Waterstones.

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