Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Dear Evan Hansen - 6 Weeks of Summer

For those of you who haven't dipped their toe into the great sea of theatre any time recently, I would like to introduce you to Broadway Musical 'Dear Evan Hansen', winner of 6 Tony Awards and the hearts of sobbing fans across the globe.

Currently starring Ben Platt in the title role, the show is an exploration of life, mistakes and what it means to finally 'fit in'. With soul-tugging music and lyrics to the make the heart itself cry, it has become an anthem for the thousands of people, young and old, who need to hear that someone cares.

Living in England, I cannot, unfortunately, witness this show first hand. What I can witness, however, is the extent to which it has moved whole groups of society. Twitter, Youtube and stage publications are sparkling with discussions of Dear Evan Hansen and its significance to young minds everywhere.

Youtube the videos, buy the CD and, more than anything, remember that you will be found. 

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