Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Forming the cliché - Countdown to Christmas

I have been blogging every day for twenty days now. On some days, I've done two-a-day, with articles posted on my other blog too and boy is this hard. 

Writing, to me, works best when there is no sense of obligation: no deadline or target word-count, just thoughts on a page. Despite this, I committed to twenty-five days of constant posting and, whilst not every day has involved a written piece, it has involved time and effort and, more importantly, ideas. 

A different idea every day. A different idea to each of the twenty-five ideas I had last year. A different idea to the posts on every other blog this year. Ideas coming out of my ideas.

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There is a certain pressure to blog, or do anything creative, in this way. There are musicians releasing a piece-a-day especially for Christmas, artists painting, vloggers filming and writers writing. Outside of the creative world, businesses are posting daily special offers and treats to take their customers through the festive season. Every one of us is forced, in some way, to stick all of our energy straight into passing December.

That is really, bloomin' hard. Ideas have a habit of playing hide-and-seek just as we need them to be perfectly visible. And, frankly, the more frequent our creations are, the more likely it is that something we produce will be boring, uninspiring or just down right rubbish. 

Of course, it is I and only I who has made the decision to embark on this challenge. Were I to stop enjoying it, I could and would simply stop. But there is something quite nice about just trying, just seeing what I can do and so, with just five posts left to go, we are nearly at the end of our countdown to Christmas. 

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