Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Review Day Tuesday - On the Other Side

On the Other Side - Carrie Hope Fletcher

Evie Snow is dead and her own, personal heaven awaits but her business in the land of the living is not yet done.

Before she can find eternal bliss, returning to her twenty-seven year old body and the stage of life at which she was most happy, she must lighten her soul, freeing it of three burdens she has carried through her life.

A journey of deep romance and devastating heart-break, this is 'On the Other Side'.

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I purchased this book out of curiosity, rather than expectation. Whilst I had enjoyed Fletcher's previous book, her writing style had not really been to my taste and, truthfully, did not spur me to keep an eye out for future reads.

I found this novel with my eye well and truly in. It came to me in a sea of online hype and, I thought, there was no way it could have been anything more than a cheesy, overly clich├ęd teenage tale. It was with this, rather shallow, expectation that I began to read.

And what I instead encountered, was a uniquely philosophical, deeply honest tale which expertly explores the distinctions between love and true love in an enchanting way.

Whilst it was by no means perfect, Fletcher's ability to capture a reader and dance with their heart is nothing short of beautiful. And that same beauty radiates through all of her characters.

A story of depth and character, I can join the hype in whole-heartedly recommending this book.

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