Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Whinge- Bag

Moaners, naggers, whinge-bags, whiners...we all know them, we all love them dearly.

They are a special breed of people for whom just about everything that can go wrong, does. There are always bones in their fish. Cars always drive through the puddles that they're stood next to. Every season brings a cold or some other, tragic ailment.

Life truly is hard for the complacent.

It really is a wonder that the rest of us manage to sail through life with such ease, given how hard it appears to be for our companions.

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Joking aside, some people really do love to complain. I am a firm believer that our attitudes to life dictate our experiences. Of course, we cannot cure incredible diseases or prevent natural disasters simply by thinking happy, but we can change our day-to-day life.

A blocked nose does not constitute as ill. Rain does not burn the skin, it merely dampens it. A day that is not spent doing good things is not the same as a bad day. 

Whinge-bags are hilarious. They are the diddums of the world and it is really, very hard not to just laugh in their faces when they issue us with their latest complaint.

We all complain. It is hard-wired into the British DNA. But that does not mean that it is okay for any person to build themselves into a cocoon of misery just because of silly little things that have no real significance to life.

Dear whinge-bags: think happy.  

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