Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Review Day Tuesday - Neverwhere

Neverwhere- Neil Gaiman

Richard Mayhew is a young and really rather average business men with a London life like that of any other. A random act of kindness sends him soaring into a dangerous new world that feels suspiciously like his own. 

Beneath the streets of London lies a city of monsters, angels and murderers. Richard is unwittingly dragged along by new friend, Door, through this world of delights and dangers and, in turn, learns more about himself than he ever could have imagined. 

A grown-up's 'Alice in Wonderland', Neverwhere is a work of sheer brilliance and sparkling imagination.

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It is, strangely, rare that I am given book recommendations, but it was through following the advice of another that I ended with this book in my hand.

What, at first, feels like a rather typical adult fantasy soon transforms into a fascinating world that is too far-fetched to be real and yet, somehow, spectacularly familiar to anyone who is already familiar with London. 

Gaiman creates a world filled with both delights and horrors, mixing them into a concoction that is just about perfect. He writes with wit and intelligence, combing the surreality of 'Alice in Wonderland' with the sharp detail of Pratchett. 

And so, my path of following the recommendations of others has begun in a really rather fantastic way.

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