Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Review Day Tuesday - Demon Road

Demon Road- Derek Landy

Amber Lamont is a normal, if not rather miserable, teenage girl. Her parents are weird, as are their friends, but Amber is content with her lot.

That is, until a frightful event reveals a rather unpleasant home truth. And so, Amber is sent hurtling into a series of heart-stopping encounters, all whilst running from the people who should care for her the most...her parents. 

Demon Road is the first in a long-awaited (by me) trilogy, fresh from author of Skulduggery Pleasant, Derek Landy.  

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It was with a strangely child-like excitement that I bound down the stairs to collect this book from the grumpy postman. The name 'Derek Landy', to me, means Skulduggery Pleasant, which in turn means dry humour, endless violence and an occasional tear.

Demon Road slots perfectly into this list. 

The story is, perhaps, a little formulaic in that it, again, follows the story of a teenage girl who is, again, accompanied by a miserable man who, again, has a strangely dark side. Most importantly, Amber runs between endless fists, guns and vampires.

In this way, Demon Road may well be unimaginative; lacking in genius, even.

But of course, books are not written to be analysed. And as such, the fact that Demon Road 
made be squirm, wince and laugh- despite its being rather similar to Landy's previous work- is what is really important. It is fueled by a captivating cocktail of violence and chic, whilst remaining witty and, at times, emotional. 

And so, Demon Road is yet another work of genius.

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