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Review Day Tuesday- This Book Is Full Of Spiders

This Book Is Full Of Spiders - David Wong (i.e. Jason Pargin)

Whilst the book does not appear to be full of spiders, the story most certainly is. They're lurking in David, the lead character's house. They're crawling around people's skulls. They're hiding in the back of people's throats. 

A mystery box and a breed of spider that only David and best friend John can see rapidly turn into trouble for 'Undisclosed' as the world assumes that a zombie infestation has begun.

Separated by quarantine and an army with a secret agenda, David, girlfriend Amy and John fight to expose the organisation at fault and save the world, all whilst trying not so screw up.

This Book Is Full Of Spiders is the sequel to John Dies At The End. 

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I bought this book having read its prequel and was very swiftly reminded of just how weird the writing is. The grammar is, in some places, intentionally poor. The narrative voice, David Wong, frequently talks out of his backside. The narration flits between following David, John, Amy and, in places, Molly the dog. It is, by far, one of the most surreal books I have ever read.

And yet, I love it. Pargin has a talent for turning nonsense into something tangible. The story is ridiculous and yet, somehow, possible. In the midst of the frequently nonsensical talk, genuine observations about humanity materialise. The plot itself is made all the more gripping by the confusion it creates and the characters' idiocies make them strangely endearing. 

This is a book designed to make the reader laugh, squirm and, ultimately, turn delirious. The spiders bore into the reader's head, keeping the pages turning until the book is at its, rather hilarious, close. 

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