Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Exactly one year ago today, this blog arrived on the internet for the first time.

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There were a number of reasons why I created this blog. For a start, I had just completed my GCSEs and needed a project: preferably one that didn't involve any loop-holes or targets. I have always loved writing and this way a means for me to do it as often as I liked, for no reason other than because I liked to.

To you kind people who have taken the time to read any of my posts, thank you. You have made my insane ramblings worth the URLs they hide behind. A year ago today I started this with minimal confidence, thinking that it would last a week before I chickened out and took it down. But the fact is, we all have a right to be heard, even if it is just by one other person. And that is why I look forward to another year of blogging. 

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