Monday, 6 July 2015

Happy, Happy, Happy

Six days ago, the Happy Project ended. I spent the thirty days of June consciously deciding, every day, to make myself happy. 

On some days, this was surprisingly difficult. We all go through times where the people around us seem to have collectively decided to behave like jack-asses, or the weather is just not on our side.

There are other days where the things we have to do make us want to hurt small puppies, and it is on these days that it is hard to feel anything but sheer contempt for life.

But there are different shades of grumpy and, really, there are different levels of ****ed off. On some days, we do not need to make any conscious decision with regards to our happiness because other factors sort that for us. On the less happy days though, we can make our lives a little less offensive.

My previous example of the dry socks applied in the first half of this month, because boy did it rain. In the second half, coconut oil was the source of my happiness, when I used it to sooth the burning fire of skin on my shoulders. On other days, I called people who I had not spoken to in a long time and even took my Mum out for dinner...largely to avoid her cooking.

Life sucks, especially in Tory Britain. But we do not have to be miserable. We do not have to mope around all day everyday. Life is about happier. 

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