Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Review Day Tuesday - Avenue Q

Avenue Q the Musical

Avenue Q tells the story of Princeton, an optimistic college graduate who moves into the not so upmarket New York street, Avenue Q. There, he hopes to pursue his dreams and, of course, find his purpose. He meets Kate Monster, a wannabe teacher with not so strict morals, Trekkie Monster, with no morals, Rod, a republican, and Nikki, alongside Christmas Eve, Brian, Gary, some rather cheeky bears and the very cheeky Lucy the Slut.

Throughout their journeys, the characters are jobless, homeless, politically incorrect, sexy and really rather hilarious. 

Oh yes...and they're puppets. 

I had the absolute pleasure of first viewing this show when it came to the West End. I waltzed into the theatre expecting to see the Muppets, who I love, and got rather a lot more than I bargained for. My ribs ached, my face was stained with tears and I simply could not get the songs out of my head. I loved it.

Many people, when I introduce them to Avenue Q, watch clips and say 'But you can see their lips moving'. The cast are not ventriloquists: they are actors who add a whole new dimension of personality to their puppets. And, amazingly, by the end of the show you find yourself watching the puppets as if they are real people. 

And that is what I truly love about this show- it is representative of real people. It is a kick-ass way of saying that people are total flumps and that is okay. People have sex with whoever they like. People have all different colors of skin. People are stupid. That is just how the world works. And all of this is presented in such a beautifully honest, hilarious and, often, heart-warming way that I challenge anyone to go and see this show and not fall totally in love with it. 

Avenue Q is touring the UK. Click here for details. 

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