Wednesday, 8 April 2015

This is Real!

In the past, I have written about writing and how, despite my lack of talent in the area, I believe that I have the right to call myself a writerI have always invested time in my writing, though at no point has this invest been greater than since I first started this blog.

Since then, I have also blogged for several other sites and a few months ago, I got my first ever payment for a piece of writing.

Ironically, the article was entitled "Life's too short for money", a statement which I still stand by. But, to me, that payment meant a lot more than just a boost to my bank account.

Unlike other, more traditional jobs, casual writers only get paid in one circumstance: when someone really likes our work. Someone has to decide, on behalf of their entire readership, that what they are reading is worthy of a few pennies. 

And so, the money is not money at all. It is instead a sign that someone, somewhere, thinks that we are more than totally crap. It means that writing is more than just a silly hobby, it is one that we have a right to pursue. 

That paycheck told me one, very important thing: this writing thing that I do for my own's real. 

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