Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Review Day Tuesday - the Nokia Brick

Nokia 108 Mobile Phone

Allow me to introduce you to my new phone:

Isn't it simply beautiful?

A few months ago, my not-very-smart-smart phone broke. It had served me for three long years and, even though its facilities were limited, it had still totally and utterly done my head in! And so, I decided to ditch the technology all together and buy this beauty for the grand price of £9.99. 

Let me start with the negatives for this phone:

  1. Firstly, it is just a little too complicated for my tiny brain. There are four buttons that, between them, do just about everything. Unfortunately, remembering which one does which is rather difficult.
  2. The predictive text (which I am yet to work out how to turn off) is a little on the dense side of things. It considers that I am more likely to use the word nun  than mum.

And then to the positives:

  1. The battery life on this thing is insane! I've managed two and a bit weeks so far on a full battery. In that time, it hasn't jammed or crashed once.
  2. It is so light. I hate those massive slates of phone that don't properly fit in your pocket without creating a rather inappropriate bulge. This one slides in nice and neatly and leaves plenty of room in a diddy bag for everything else.
  3. I am loving the absence of the internet. It was useful sometimes to be able to google things and it meant that I didn't have to end conversations as soon as I walked away from my laptop. But, honestly, I don't mind. I like the freedom of just dumping my phone anywhere without feeling compelled to check it.
  4. By far the best feature about this phone, aside from the rather handy torch, is the talking clock. Siri, move over- it makes me giggle. And the alarm clock is so sweet, "Time to get up" it says, every morning, without being too loud. 

In short, I love this phone. I love ditching the technology and just going back to the basic call/text facility. And I dare you, dear reader, to do it too!

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