Friday, 17 April 2015

Good Minds

Have you ever started typing a very random, unique question into Google, only for that exact question to pop up in the suggested questions?

Have you ever joined a chat-room to ask a question that five others have already beaten you to asking?

I hate it when these things happen. It gives me the full on heebie-jeebies. And why? Because these occurrences mean one thing: what is happening in my mind is happening in the mind of someone else.

Minds, in general, are a weird concept for me. As I sit here, typing for your benefit (or not), I am surrounded by several other houses. In each of these houses, people are living and breathing and just generally existing in their own little worlds. They are thinking and feeling amazing, unique things and I have literally no idea what they are doing. They are existing so close to me and yet, our lives are so, unbelievably separate. 

My friends and I spend a lot of time together. We live a lot of our moments at the same time. But, right now, they are all in different places with different people; thinking and feeling different things. 

I find myself feeling both fascinated and terrified by life: how our worlds are all so separate. And then, sometimes, our worlds momentarily slip into the same orbits. Someone in another world across the other side of the Atlantic might have the same thought as me. They will be driven to Google the same thing as me or ask the same question. 

What leads them to do this will be different to what has led me. How they think and feel about the answer will be unique to them. And yet, our circles will have crossed.

It is very easy, I think, to slip through life without ever truly recognising the billion different lives that unfold around us every day. But, when you do take a moment to consider just how mental life is, it's hard to feel anything other than very, very small. 

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