Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Review Day Tuesday- Fairy Fails

The Complete Fairy Tales- Hans Christian Anderson

Recently, I was gifted this rather beautiful collection:

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The gift was a result of a conversation regarding my childhood reading. I had always loved old fashioned writing and Hans Christian Anderson had held a firm station on my bookshelves. And so, I was really very excited to spend an afternoon dancing through the pages of this beautifully bound, complete collection.

And, I have to say, I have never laughed so much at a book. The writing, for the most part, was terrible. When I think of traditional writers, I think of beautifully eloquent phrases such as this:

“Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
 ― Hans Christian Andersen

What I got, was something rather less eloquent:

There were ridiculous introductions:

"Now we shall hear what happened to them, for this is a true story" - Little Claus and Big Claus

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Awkward self-conversations:

"What a naughty boy to shoot the old poet like that, who had taken him into his warm room, had been so good to him, and had given him the nicest wine and the best apple!"
-The Saucy Boy

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And pure innuendos:

“Good evening, soldier; you have a very fine sword, and a large knapsack, and you are a real soldier; so you shall have as much money as ever you like.”
-The Tinder Box

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In all honesty, I didn't expect a great deal from these stories. They are, after all, for children. But it was kind of fun to enjoy the ridiculous for an hour or two. And, in the words of Mr. Anderson himself...

“Every man's life is a fairy tale, written by God's fingers.

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