Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Review Day Tuesday- Top 5 Albums

I do not often talk about music on Review Day, and certainly not albums. For this reason, I should like to disclaim that my taste in music is not 'cool' and is in no way suited to the expected tastes of a seventeen year old. As per usual, you will just have to bear with me!

Bruno Mars
This probably isn't totally unexpected, but it is a little out of date! Bruno Mars is, to me, a bit of a Michael Jackson. His voice is very easy on his ears and he knows how to create music to compliment it. 

Paloma Faith
I am a huge fan of most of Paloma's music. From such a cute, young speaking voice comes this belter of a voice. She knows how to roar when she sings and I love it. I also happen to love her many styles of music. Having complimented her kick-ass voice, however, this is most definitely my favorite:

Various - 2012
This is where things start getting a bit weird. Specialized is a long-term project which raises money for cancer research support agencies and, specifically, The Teenage Cancer Trust. They gather amateur and professional musicians and recreate music by a certain band or that abides by a certain theme. The proceeds of the album are donated. 
The music ventures on the cool  side of things too!

Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra
Now is the time for me to admit how I, Miss Saddo, spend my new year's eves. I politely decline the invitations to drunken parties and firework displays in order that I may sit with an obscene volume of chocolate and watch Jools Holland's Annual Hootenanny. Sad, I know.
But, the music is also insanely good, as is this album!

1- Babel
Mumford & Sons
I did not intend to buy this album. I have a rule that if I walk past a certain well known music store HMV, I have to walk in. Once in, I must buy. So, having only ever heard a couple of their songs on a few 'various artists' albums, I bought Babel. And I am so, so glad that I did. The music just melts in my ears. I can not even pick a favorite song because it is all so good! It has become my writing music; my homework music; my tidying music; my just listening-to-music music. I love it. And so, it has earned its place in the number one spot on my list.

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