Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Review Day Tuesday - The Lion King (the musical)

The Lion King - the West End Musical

Beginning with the birth of cub Simba to King Mufasa, the Lion King is a musical exploration of life in the African Savannah. Scar, the villain of the story, kills his brother Mufasa, succeeding him as king. Scar convinces Simba that he is responsible for his father's death, advising him to flee the kingdom. Scar announces to the kingdom that both Mufasa and Simba were killed in the stampede, crowning himself as the new king and allowing his hyenas to live in the pride lands. 

After running away, Simba finds friendship with a meerkat and a warthog who he grows up with under the famous philosophy, "Hakuna Matata". He saves the pair from a hungry lioness who turns out to be his childhood love. She convinces Simba to return to his kingdom.

Upon his return, Simba fights Mufasa, who is eventually killed by the hyenas. Simba ascends to his role as the king of Pride Rock and, with his love, Nala, he has a cub. The Circle of Life continues. 

I saw this musical a long time ago and it is one that I just cannot wait to see again. The music is of the kind that overwhelms you, the story is sweet, the staging is simply spectacular. The costuming allows the actors to become one with their animal characters, whilst the music transports everyone in the theatre to Africa itself. The animals are not limited to the stage, making the show a fully immersive experience. 

I do have one, tiny bane with this show: sat in my aisle seat, casually enjoying the show, I was attacked by a Hyena. As they ran down the aisles to kill someone, one hyena looked straight at me and barked...

...to which I screamed. 

Thankfully, the show was enchanting enough for me to be able to forgive them this gripe. It is well worth a visit and the first viewing is sure to lead to many more.

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