Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Behind the Clouds

Life can be so, inconceivably cruel sometimes. The worst of things can  happen and, all too often, we feel trapped by our lack of control- our inability to make life better.

Sometimes, that position of not being able to find so much as the possibility of a positive future appears in our normal lives. We have a 'down' day, we feel fed up and there is nothing we can do about it.

But life does not have to be that way and it definitely should not be that way. There are days where the sky is black and we are cold and empty. We sit staring out of the window, wondering if someone, somewhere, is looking at a brighter sky. What did they do to deserve the sun, whilst we are stuck looking at the clouds?

In truth, there is someone, somewhere, staring up at that glorious, pale blue, clear sky. They are thankful for the sun. And they are not sparing so much as a thought for you, sat in the rain.

But, if you look really closely, you can see exactly what those people are seeing. 

There is always a blue sky behind the clouds. The sun does not disappear. It is there, waiting for you to see through the clouds. I am not one for self-help books or positive-thought guidance. But recently, I have seen so many people look up at the sky and groan at its colour, the rain, their lives. And yet, when I look up at that same sky, I just do not see what they are seeing. The way the light peeps through the creases in the air, giving us that little reminder that it is still there. That is what I see. The random break in the gray where the sky seems brighter and bluer than ever. 

We are lucky to be alive. The human race did not survive this long by looking up at the sky and giving up. We get by with a little bit of optimism and by looking for the right things. 

Today? It's a beautiful day.

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