Thursday, 11 December 2014

To love, To love not- Day 11

Christmas is about love- that is what someone told me today. In a lesson this week, we had to discuss what love is. When applying for courses or jobs, we are required to justify our love for that particular field. 

Very often, I find myself questioning my own justifications: 

Why do I love music? Because it helps people, it is expressive, it is diverse, it is clever...but so are many things. 

Why do I love my friends and family? Because we have common interests, or because they have helped me, or just because I love them...what kind of reason is "just because"?

Why do people fall in love with other people? Because they are attractive, smart, funny, kind, unique...aren't many people?

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The truth is, I do not know why I love things or people. Every reason I can give is either one that could apply to many things, or just is not a reason at all. And yet, I feel so certain that I do love all of these things, regardless of what anyone says or does to try to change that. 

I have reached the conclusion that love is its own thing: we do not have control over it. We do not get to choose why we love things, and we do not get to understand why either. We just have to experience the joy and the occasional pain that this love brings. 

Perhaps that is what Christmas is about: taking the time to appreciate the things that we have no control of, the things that just take care of themselves.

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