Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Review Tuesday - Day 16

Last week, I briefly reviewed my top 5 Christmas films. This week, I have my top five Christmas songs.

5- I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

This song just makes me laugh. There's the bit where someone shouts "IT'S CHRISTMAS!!". And the broad brummie accents of the children's choir never fail to crack me up. More importantly, this song screams Christmas, so has to make it to my top five list.

4- Somewhere Only We Know

This isn't strictly a Christmas song- it was made one by a rather famous retail store, with a little help from the wonderful Lily Allen. I love the story in the advert, but have also fallen in love with this version of the song. I think it makes for a nice bit of background music for someone who's stressing over a turkey on Christmas morning and a nice bit of general music for your's sincerely.

3 - Last Christmas

I have to be honest, I hate this song. I am not a big George Michael fan. The reason why this is on the list is because it is an essential ingredient in my Christmas cheer. The Christmas quizzes which the English department run in our school always include this song as a feature and my friends' rendition of it is no less than hilarious. For this reason, I will eat humble pie and stick it on the list.

2- Do They Know It's Christmas

I know that this isn't the original version, but it is the version where I'm just about old enough to recognise the people in it. This is a clever song: not only is it really good, but it is for an amazing cause. It's a way of bringing together a group of (mostly) amazing musicians and doing something amazing. That is what Christmas is about.

1- Fairytale of New York

This doesn't exactly scream Christmas cheer like the other songs on my list, but it is by far my favorite Christmas song. It is so unbelievably miserable and so funny because of this. And, I can play the tune on my beloved fife! This song makes me laugh and Christmas is for laughing. For this reason, it makes it to the top of my Christmas song list!

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