Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Review Day Tuesday - Day 9

Who doesn't love a good Christmas film? They were a feature on our telly in late October this year, which has given me the chance to familiarise myself with just about every film under the sun. Here are my five absolute favorites:

5 - Arthur Christmas

This is a beautiful film centered around the importance of sharing Christmas with every child, everywhere. This is one of the few films that I have ever watched in the cinema and I was probably the oldest person in the cinema at the time (but for a few bored parents). It was hilarious and heart-warming. The attention to detail was also rather impressive, with a co-operative store making a cheeky appearance near the end (other food stores are available).

4- Elf

Elf is one of those films that almost everyone has seen, though I wasn't introduced to it until a few years ago in a "It is too close to Christmas to do any work" lesson. Again, it is rather hilarious. Buddy the Elf leaves the North Pole in search of his Father, and his elf up-bringing gets rather in the way. This isn't my favorite Christmas film ever, perhaps because it has only featured in the last few years, but it is definitely worth a watch.

3- The Muppets' Christmas Movie

Where would we be without the dear old Muppets? I have rather a soft spot for puppets, and these little creatures are no exception. In their Christmas movie, Kermit, Miss. Piggy and friends race against time to save their theatre from a rather Scrooge-like banker. As with all of the Muppets' movies, this is funny and magical. It is most definitely a family Christmas film.

2- A Christmas Carol

Last week, I mentioned my love for this rather famous tale. As it happens, I own four A Christmas Carol DVDs. The first is the Muppets version, the second the animated version shown above and the third a version that was filmed in my home town of Shrewsbury. Mr. Scrooge's grave is still very much there too! The fourth was free in a newspaper. 
A Christmas Carol is the most predictable of these films, both because it is probably on every list, ever, and because everyone knows what happens. But every version is, to me, magical. It is about finding what Christmas means to an individual, and thus, discovering what Christmas means at all. For this reason, it will continue to be a big feature in my Christmases.

1- The Polar Express

This is by far my favorite Christmas film of all time. It is the story of a child who is far too young to be a Scrooge, as he travels to the North Pole to have his lack of belief challenged. There are hilarious moments (including the rather catchy 'Hot Chocolate' song), scary moments and 'aw' moments. My friends and family all believe that Christmas is incomplete without The Polar Express, and I very much agree.

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