Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Review Day Tuesday - Day 2

This is the first of four Christmas Review Day Tuesdays, and is likely to be the only one in relation to a book. As such, may I introduce the very famous, and very amazing...

A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens

I am not going to summarise this very famous plot, for fear of patronising the millions of people who are already familiar with the tale of dear Ebeneezer Scrooge. I feel as though it may be a little obvious to review such a story, both because of who the author is and because it is so clich├ęd to revert to A Christmas Carol at this time of year. 

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I am in love with A Christmas Carol for so many reasons. As with most of Charles Dickens' works, it is written so beautifully. Every word earns its right to be there. It's like reading the sound of music. 

The plot is beautiful: an inconceivably miserable old man finally finds the true spirit of Christmas, by reviewing his own life and discovering what Christmas means to him. 

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The truth is, A Christmas Carol is just a part of Christmas in so many households, that I can't imagine life without it. If you haven't yet read the book:

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