Saturday, 6 December 2014

Imaginary Days- Day 6

Dear November,

Sorry that your letter is a little late! As I keep reminding people, you've been a rather busy month for me. I always look forward to you, because I know that you are the month where everything that excites me about writing and music will happen: NaNoWriMo and the show!

I have to say, you didn't disappoint. So, you were a little on the cold side, but you also held your tradition of being my favorite month. I do, however, have a quibble with you: I specifically asked October to instruct you to slow down, and yet, you seemed to speed up. The past four weeks have just disappeared and I find myself wondering what I have to show for them.

As it happens, the list isn't so bad. Annie the Musical was an amazing experience, where I know that I improved as a performer and have become closer to some amazing friends, at the same time as making some new ones. And I have another novel under my belt, even if I do fear that this one will need more post-draft work than any other that I have done before. I finished wrapping my Christmas presents before you'd even started, which is rather impressive when compared with my usual Bah Humbug standards.

But in all seriousness, November, you have scared me a little. One minute I awake and the next thing I know I'm awaking for a second time and a whole twenty-four hours have passed without my knowing. And of course, that means we are now super close to Christmas! But it also means that I'm closer to not being where I am now: exams, leaving school, making decisions that I'm just not ready to make.

My dear November, you remain my favorite month. Your own excitement acts as a perfect slide into the next bout of happiness. But really, please, take your time about returning. Please.

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