Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Change - Day 10

The speed with which our lives can change is just inconceivable. Take a moment to consider what your life was like a day, a month, or even a year ago. Where were you and who were you with? Exactly how much has your life changed?

I have been feeling a little sentimental of late. I am at that stage in school where I have friends who will soon be disappearing. I barely see my own friends any more because our timetables and lessons are so different.. And in no time at all, I will leave school and everyone there behind. That, to me, is insane.

When I think back to just a year ago, I realise that I was yet to meet half of the people that I know now. I have made new acquaintances and some new, amazing friends. Some of these people, a year ago, were just faces that I passed in the corridor once or perhaps twice a week. Others I spent a little time with, and there are a few who I simply did not know existed. 

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And now? I genuinely cannot imagine life without them. In the case of a special few, I do not want to imagine life without them. They are friends who have an important input into my everyday mood. They are able to make me happy, and to make me feel that little bit better when they're unable to do this. These people, who were so recently nothing to me, are now everything.

How does that happen? How can things change so quickly, adding a whole new list of things to your important list and, in my case, removing only a few. It scares me to think that very soon, I may return to not knowing these people. But I am sure that the addition of any new person to any second of our lives changes us for every second that follows. So, though the change causes me problems in terms of what I have to lose, I don't regret its their.

Not one tiny bit. 

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