Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review Day Tuesday - Wicked

Wicked- Gregory Maguire

There's a story before the Wizard of Oz, a story that changes everything. Elphaba was not always the Wicked Witch of the West, and Galinda wasn't always nice. Oz was once a terrible place, full of misery, danger and persecution.

From the very beginning of the Wicked, the concepts of good and evil are questioned. Elphaba, the poor old Witch of the West, has a story, and it is Gregory Maguire's to tell.

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Before I present any kind of opinion, I feel that it is important to note that I saw Wicked the Musical before I read the book. As is the case when many musicals and films, the musical was incredibly different from the text. My expectations were not met, and unfortunately, they were not surpassed either.

Wicked has some incredibly crude scenes, and some incredibly strange scenes. It has a completely different audience to The Wizard of Oz, and I would certainly advise that it is not for younger readers. 

I have to give the Maguire credit, because it was well written, and the plot was suitably interesting. But I just couldn't make sense of it in relation to the musical, or the book that it is prequel to.  I think as a stand-alone story with no sequel, it would have perhaps been better. As it stands, Wicked was not for me.

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