Monday, 3 November 2014

Review Day Tuesday- Diary of a Chav

Diary of a Chav- Grace Dent

This is an old favorite of mine. The Diary of a Chav  series follows the life of Shiraz Bailey Wood, a teenager turned young adult with a hilarious outlook on her less than simple life.

Shiraz lives in a chaotic house, and is determined to make something of herself. Her friends, holidays, and life choices all lead her to hilarious, and often awkward places. All the while, she remains Keepin' it real

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I absolutely adore this series. Admittedly, it is most probably not to everyone's taste. It is not the most eloquent of texts (not that it is supposed to be), and the humour used has a tendency to be rather crude. But I think it is hilarious. If ever I'm feeling a little miserable, these books are like laughter medicine. 

I believe that the series has been criticised for 'taking the mick' out of chavs. To be honest, I don't think it does, or at least, it doesn't do so in any bad way. The main voice is beautifully honest, and the problems she faces are real, in as much as they sound like what an ordinary reader would consider to be problematic. 

Though the intended audience may be limited, I think that this series should be read by everyone. In fact, I think it should be prescribed by the NHS.

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