Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Review Day Tuesday - Cut

Cut- Patricia McCormick

Callie doesn't speak. She watches and listens and cuts herself. At "Sick Minds", the mental health facility she has been sent to, she observes the people around her: people with eating disorders, drug issues and other asserted psyches.

She doesn't want to talk and she doesn't want to get better. But for someone who speaks so little, she has a lot to say.

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This book is unique in an entire field of ways. Firstly, it is written in second person. For a while, that takes a bit of getting used to. By the end, it makes that book that bit more real. And that is what is so important about Cut: it is real. The exact story may not be, the topic, and the people are.

There are some strange and graphic scenes in the story, as well as some heart-warming moments. I think, more than anything, that this Cut doesn't stand out for its writing or its storyline. It stands out because it is so important. Mental health is not something that we are willing enough to discuss yet, and it needs to be. For that reason, Patricia McCormick has created an incredibly valuable read.

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