Friday, 10 October 2014

Writing About Writing

Please take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this is:

This blog is about many things, including writing. But recently, I have felt as though I spend far too much of my time writing about writing, instead of actually writing. Whilst I love studying English at school, and love spending time writing for Review Day Tuesday here, what I really, seriously love to do is just write.

I love to write novels. I have recently taken to writing short stories. I love just writing about life, which is, really, what this blog is about. And so I have made a 'nearly the end of the year' resolution: to publish a creative piece a week.

Whilst I write all the time, I don't always do so with any direction. So as of Saturday 18th October, Saturdays will be Imaginary Days, where I will release any form of creative writing from that week, for your incredibly special eyes. 

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