Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Dreaded Word Count

I am a self-confessed rambler: I can use fifty words where a normal person would use ten. And whilst most people fret about their lack of words, I fret about cutting them out.

This half-term, I have had to write three essays. Each one had a limit of 1,500 words. The first one took 3,000 words, the second 3,500 words, and the final one (thankfully) just 1,700. So, I am not a happy bunny.

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It probably takes me an average of four hours to plan and write an essay. It takes me this much time again, if not longer, to cut the words out. Someone said to me recently that it is surely better to have to cut words out, than to not have the words there in the first place...


The fact that I talk too much means that some of my words need to be removed. Some of my words, however, are there because I want them to be. And I could dramatically reduce word-counts if I used contractions consistently (e.g. it's, or he's). But if I haven't used abbreviations, it is because I believe that what I'm saying is better delivered without them.

So, what do I do about my excessive word counts? I spend hours cutting them out, then rant on this here blog!

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