Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Amazing Pop-Up Music Book

I taught myself to read music...I learned a bit about how music worked from watching my Dad, and occasionally asking questions. But the theory was something that I had to work out. Thankfully, one of the most amazing children's books ever was invented to help me on my way:

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The book is a crazy mix of awesome pop-ups and interactive choices. A group of farm-yard animals guide us through ideas of rhythm, pitch and melody. And on the final page- this is the best bit- there's a mini keyboard.

Amazingly, that keyboard still works an entire decade later...kind of. It's not really in tune, and it doesn't make a confident sound, but it's still there. 

I adore this's just so funny and interesting and noisy (in a really good way!). 

Amazingly, you can buy this book here

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