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Review Day Tuesday- Broken Soup

Broken Soup- Jenny Valentine

Rowan's brother, Jack, died. Her Dad moved out. Her Mum forgot that she still had two daughters to care for. That's Rowan's job now: to juggle school and caring for her younger sister, Stroma. But life gets even more complicated on the day that a mysterious, and really rather good-looking, American boy hands her a dropped negative, certain that it belongs to her. 

The negative leads to all kinds of discoveries about her brother, his life and, most importantly, herself. 

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This is my favorite book of all time. It is so beautifully written, with such wonderfully true and emotional sentiments. It is honest, funny and warm with characters of true depth. Stroma's sweet, childlike voice is used to propel us into a way of thought that many of us are too immature to understand. 

"The trouble with a city,' Harper said, ... 'is if you leave, it doesn't miss you. You're totally dispensable. It doesn't even notice you're gone.
'That's a good thing, isn't it?' I said. 'Isn't it better if things go along fine without you?"

Every once in a while, we forget to think about the world. We settle in to whatever way of thinking we have become accustomed to, accepting it without any thought as to whether or not we could be happier if we think another way. Broken Soup challenges this, reminding us that, in reality, people do care. They get lost sometimes or forget what is important to them but they always come back to those they care about- the people they need to be happy.

This book is about's about what happens when you finally notice the things that you should have known all along. I don't know if it's predictable or not because I have read it far too many times to be a fair judge but I do know that it is real....that is what makes it so wonderful.

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