Saturday, 25 October 2014

Imaginary Days- Letters to October

Inspired by the wonderful Carrie Hope Fletcher's 'Letters to Autumn'. 

Dear October,

Thanks for the cold! I'd forgotten what it was like to wake at half-six in the morning, not because of the light but because it's so, unbelievably freezing. I don't mind the cold though; it's an excuse to wear my thick, winter coat and a billion extra jumpers. I just miss the light- the sun.

October's a strange month for me: it's a build up to half-term, which is, really, just a stepping-stone on the way to Christmas. The last few weeks feel as though they haven't happened, though. Just a second ago, I was facing the first day back at school, and now I'm a sixth of the way through my second to last year! That's such a bizarre mix of terrifying and exciting, that I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to act.

Of course, I'm excited for Christmas. Scratch that, I'm really excited for Christmas! And I'm kind of fed up of school now, which means that its passing isn't a totally bad thing. But when life moves so quickly, it can get so dizzying. I just want to grab those brass horns on life's head, and drag it back ever so slightly.

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Some of my walks to school happen halfway through the day, when the streets and roads are empty and it's just me and my thoughts. Occasionally, it pours it down, and where others sigh at the rain and the effect it has on their hair, I think it's nice to just embrace it. To walk through the raindrops, and hear nothing but the white-noise of puddles forming: I love those moments. They're the moments where, for just a while, life slows down.

And rain's good for more than just this. When everything in life is perfect, where are you supposed to find happiness? When you're soaked through to the skin, and your hair is stuck to your face, happiness is just a dry pair of socks. That's what I love about you colder months: you remind us of what happiness really is. 

October, you have treated me well. I have to say, I'm feeling a little tricked: perhaps you were just an illusion, here and not here all at the same time. Either way, I would appreciate any attempt on your part, to tell November to just take its time.

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