Monday, 8 September 2014

The Normal

Last week, I had a whinge and a whine about my return to school. Today, I want to whinge about the fact that it feels as though we never left.

To be honest, I got that feeling from the second my friend and I began the walk to school. By the time we had actually arrived, we were ready to go home.

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I find it strange how quickly and easily we can fall back into 'real' life. It only takes a momentary experience to make us feel as though a whole host of other things never happened. Five weeks ago, I was lying on a beach in sunny Weymouth. Three weeks ago, I was sweltering hot in London. Now, it feels like all of that was part of a separate life, or a dream.

Adults say that they experience the same feelings. They go back to work after a break, and feel like the break never happened. Part of me has to then wonder what the point of going away ever is, if the experience only lasts for as long as we are there.

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It's nice to experience new things. It's nice to come away from the norm. But, though the norm isn't all that bad, it just seems like such as waste of life to spend whole chunks of it in auto-pilot mode. A large proportion of the school day is spent just writing, or just sitting, or just doing. There's no feeling in fun.

So, I challenge every human being to break the norm. Having a normal is no bad thing, but having a normal that just becomes you is.

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