Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Review Day Tuesday- Wish Me Dead

Wish Me Dead- Helen Grant

Shy teenage girl Steffi lives and works with her parents in their family bakery, situated in a small and cosy German village. 

Steffi and her friends venture into the forest, and to a house that is at the centre of vicious and disturbing village rumours. The group decide to test the belief that leaving a name written somewhere in the house causes a witch, the inhabitor, to kill that same person. In doing so, a terrifying chain of deaths occur, and every death is at the request of Steffi.

The surreal and gruesome events of the story leave Steffi trapped in a scary and dangerous situation with no clear end for her or the reader.

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This book is bizarre. Psychologically, it is incredible to read. I have a tendency to laugh at 'scary' films and books, but my heart rate definitely rose here. There are some truly gory scenes, as well as some moments of extreme warmth. And the imagination in said gory scenes is spectacular: perhaps I am slow, or perhaps this novel actually is expertly crafted to have the reader constantly guessing as to the contents of the next page. And the key to the success of this book lies in the fact that the reader just can't guess.

Wish me Dead is beautiful piece of work on Helen Grant's part, and a wonderful read for the rest of us.

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