Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Review Day Tuesday - The Space Between Trees

The Space Between Trees- Katie Williams

The Space Between Trees is the story of Evie, a nobody high school girl with an obsession over college dropout, Jonah. Jonah collects dead animals, which doesn't bother infatuated Evie. When Jonah finds the body of Evie's childhood friend, Zabet, in the woods, things become a little bit more complicated.

A web of lies and confusion leads to Evie forming a bizarre friendship with Zabet's best friend, and her father. She joins a perverse mission to identify Zabet's killer, and in the process, ends up in a series of close- shave dangers.

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This is one of those books which puzzles me: It is well written, and the characters have that crucial level of 'messed-upness'. There's a touch of romance, a few awkward moments, emotional depth, and a dead body... it has all the key ingredients of a wonderful novel.

But, it just didn't excite me. I found the characters annoying. I'm not an advocate of the 'perfect protagonist' thing. But these characters seem to be exaggerated caricatures: the bitchy popular girl, the grumbling but attractive guy and the fumbling, unpopular weirdo. 

There are some pretty impressive moments in terms of tension, but the ending is a massive come down from any previous excitement. The story just, ends. 

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In the process of writing this review, I think that I've come to recognise this novel's biggest flaw: it's just too real. It's real in a way that's too realistic to be dressed up, and too normal to be interesting on its own. 

Perhaps that is what stopped me from being able to put this book down? Because, despite the problems I have with it, I couldn't stop reading it.The space between trees is a novel about people, and not extraordinary people...just people. For that reason, it's not just a worthwhile read, but a brave write on Katie Williams' part. 

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