Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Review Day Tuesday- More Than This

More Than This- Patrick Ness

More Than This is Patrick Ness' latest novel, and is written in his usual style of present tense, first person, allowing the reader to travel through the story along with the characters.

The novel features teenager Seth, who drowns in the sea and dies...until he awakes, broken, naked, on dry land in England....and alive.

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Throughout the story, Seth searches the dusty, lifeless place for answers. Is he in Hell, because this place just so happens to be where the worst event of his life happened? Is he alive, and if so, how? Why does he keep having these mind-numbing nightmares? And most importantly, is he alone?

More Than This is the story of Seth's mission to find the answers he craves.

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I adore this book. It is an absolute work of genius. Readers look for clues, and constantly try to guess what's lurking around the next page. But in this story, Patrick Ness deceives even the most insightful of readers, and more importantly, deceives his characters. Every twist is unpredictable, and every word fires a new set of emotions straight to the reader's brain.

More Than This is a brave novel that explores not only the life of a very unfortunate teenager, but also the lives of every human being if our world continues with its misguided ways. It is expertly written, lightly humorous, and a total must-read.

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