Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Review Day Tuesday- Is it Just me?

Is it Just Me?- Miranda Hart

Is it Just Me? is the auto-biography of comedian, Miranda Hart. In the book, she advices her eighteen year-old self about all aspects of life, by referring to some rather awkward moments in her life. 

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I read this book in just over two hours. This wasn't due to a lack of length or content, but rather due to the fact that I just couldn't put it down. I got several frowns from my family as I read it, because I had a tendency to uncontrollably laugh and guffaw, sometimes to the point of tears.

Miranda Hart is an incredibly skilled and humorous writer who's honesty turns this book into a wonderful read. I know that generally, Miranda's humor appeals more to a female audience than it does a male, but I think that this book expresses thoughts that both males and females can relate to. Honestly, who can't relate to general moments of humiliation, especially when you really need things to go right.

I love this book, and challenge anyone to read it and not feel the same.

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