Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Music for Kids

When it comes to any discussion about music, I will always be bias. I have been surrounded by it since birth, and so I praise it in every situation. But there are some people who see no value to music. In certain positions this view is harmless. But in others, it can cause a great deal of harm. People in education are such people.

In England, schools are made to focus on English, Maths, Science, the Languages and the Humanities. Pupils are driven away from subjects that aren't in these fields. Primary schools make little time for music because the funding isn't there and the schools aren't assessed on their delivery of music education so why does anyone need to care?

But I believe that everyone needs to care. So here is a list of the reasons why I think that every child should learn a musical instrument:

  • When taught right, music is fun! It's creative. It's physical. It's interactive. It's all the things that children need in their education.
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  • Music involves maths, history, geography, science and languages. It is a truly cross-curricular subject.

  • Playing an instrument builds confidence. To stand in front of anyone, and to brave the risk of sounding terrible, takes a huge amount of personal trust that every child needs.

  • Music exercises every part of the brain. Studies of the brain whilst playing an instrument suggest that the activity is to the brain what a physical workout is to the body: every part of the brain is used.

  • Learning an instrument consolidates so many attributes which are essential to learning: Self-control, humility, patience, endurance, practice, creative thinking and many more. Therefore, even if kids don't turn out to be Mini-Mozarts, they will still have benefited from the experience.
  • Music is so relevant. Everyone listens to music. Music is essential to life in many parts of the world. And in England, music is dying out. My A-level music class, in a school of roughly one thousand, has two people in it. That is so poor.
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No child should be made to learn an instrument, because that can do more harm than good. And no child should be made to try for more than a few weeks. But every child deserves to be given the facilities, opportunities, and inspiration to explore music, should they wish. And the more educators and the like under-value the subject, the more permanent damage they are doing to the creative industry in our country. That's just sad.

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