Thursday, 11 September 2014

Lines of Sight

It's raining. And, it's not just raining, it's pouring. As I was watching the raindrops, I noticed something. If you look into the sky, you can't see the raindrops falling, yet, if you look in front of you, they're there. Then, you see each one land. After that, each one is lost in whichever puddle it landed in.

And, thinking about it, that's just like life.

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We can't see most of the people in the world, but, we know they're there- like the raindrops in the sky. At some point, we're confronted with some of the people. We might just walk past them in the street, or see them in magazines and on telly. Or, they could be a good friend, or family member. They're all raindrops, right in front of our eyes.

At some point, these people disappear from our sight. We watch them slip into the big puddle of people we've already seen. And, no matter how hard we look, it's impossible to separate them from the others.

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In life, all we know is what the moment brings. I know that there are thousands of people out there that I will, one day, meet. But until, and unless, they're right in my line of sight, I won't see them.

Isn't it amazing, how easily we can lose people, how quickly we can forget? But, those people stay with us. What they did to change us makes them stand in our happiest and saddest memories. Even in the brightest skies, water droplets are everywhere. We just can't see them.

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