Thursday, 25 September 2014

Express Yourself

Isn't life a lunatic? One minute, it's full of everything amazing in this world, and the next, your treading in dog turd! And, I have to say, life is always ridiculously unfair. Some of us go through life completely untouched whilst, for others, there's a fire at every corner. So, it's not surprising that the way each one of us expresses ourselves differs.

Some have a lot to tell, others don't. Some hang their thongs on the line, whilst other stick their undergarments in the tumble drier. I've seen a lot of secret communications lately. Because, all of us humans are like MI5 agents. We can't just tell someone what's going on, that would be WAY too easy for the listener. We talk in codes. Some of us turn to music, composing our life stories, while others paint it, write it, dance it, or act it.

But, it really is rare that you find a person who doesn't do anything at all. Who doesn't need a song, or a picture to express what's really inside?

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Codes are used to disguise the truth. And, I think, we express ourselves differently to do exactly that. To hide the truth from ourselves. Because who really wants to slice themselves open and invite the world in for a look? We express ourselves so that we don't need to tell the world. We let them find out for themselves, and in the process, often find something out about ourselves.

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