Monday, 18 August 2014

Writing and Me

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I am a writer. I am not published, though I'd like to be. And there is a very high chance that my blog is read by me, and me only.

But you know what? I don't care.

I love to write. I don't care where I'm writing, or what I'm writing. I absolutely, freakin' love it!

There are so many reasons for this. For one, I'm a complete control freak, and writing fiction gives me complete control. If I say that everyone has four hearts and can't be sad, then that's what happens. If I want fish to fly and birds to swim, then they will.

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And if someone in the 'real' world narks me off...they are so going to get it in my world.

But more importantly, writing is an amazing way to make sense of myself. When I write, I totally 'ditz' out. When I finish, I read back through what I've done and just laugh at how ridiculous my mind is, or cry out how cruel it can be. Writing allows the thoughts that are just too weird to think to bob out and say 'Hello!'.

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Writing is considered to be a weird or nerdy thing to do, particularly for someone of my age (I'm sixteen, and should probably be hitching a skirt up and abusing my parents for so much as saying my name- I don't). But, aside from music, nothing makes me happier than hiding away somewhere and just creating a crazy world. It's like acting; for however long I spend writing, I am somebody else. That's amazing!

So, I am a writer. I am not a good one. I am not a professional one. But I put words on a page, and that makes me a writer. That is a title that I am very proud to take.

To read the only novel I've ever felt proud of, please click here.

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