Thursday, 28 August 2014


Humans don't like other humans. In my few short years on this Earth, that is something that I have come to realise. People are hostile, and nervous, and sometimes spiteful.

So when, as is often the case, we are put in situations where we are forced to speak to strangers, it can become a bit of a problem. Both sides hold their cards close to their chests, not wanting to divulge to much information to someone who's trustworthiness can't be determined. And in doing so, the lack of knowledge about each other leads to a permanent, awkward silence. 

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The problem of meeting new people isn't just a problem in this context. The female half of our race seem to be particularly bad when it comes to welcoming new people into their situations, even if they have known these people for a long time. We form cliques, and hate it when new people try to become of this because we're terrified of having to change our rules, or how we speak and spend our time.

This behaviour seems strange, in as far as it is entirely unreasonable: if we never took the time to know new people, we'd all live in complete isolation.

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On the other hand, animals in the wild live in packs or herds, and it is a matter of survival instinct which leads them to treat newcomers with some hostility.

The fact is, we will always meet new people. There will be some that become our closest friends, whilst there will be others who we sincerely regret ever having that first conversation with. It is in those very first meetings, however, where I feel that it is important to remember a simple fact:

New people are only new for day.

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