Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Non- Fiction

It's probably very clear by now that I love to read. But, perhaps bizarrely, it is only recently that I began to embrace the world of non-fiction books.

I can't give a reason for this because I don't know. I read brightly-colored fact books when I was a child. And I've always loved to learn. But non-fiction just never appealed to me. I don't really like being talked at when I read, which I sometimes feel that non-fiction does.

However, I've just had ten weeks off after my exams, and needed my brain to function. And I have been pleasantly surprised. My most interesting reads were as follows:

Use your head is an amazingly accessible guide to humans and how and why we think and do the things that we do. It was well written, easy to follow, and interestingly presented. I loved it.

Find this book here.

This book was a little confusing for me, but was interesting read because it was brilliant at changing the way that I noticed and perceived music. I have been assured by my Dad that the book is not confusing, so I suspect that it just requires a more mature reader...

Find this book here.

I bought this book out of interest, rather than because I wanted a book to solve all of my writing woes. It is really wonderful. It helps the reader to recognise otherwise hidden problems in their writing, as well as providing handy checklists at the end of chapters so as to allow for the application of the information presented.

Find this book here.

Overall, I've been changed into someone who isn't afraid of reading non-fiction, and my 'to read' list just keeps growing!

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