Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My humble theory...

Is music a language? That's a question that I'm sure many musicians, as well as others, will ask in their lives.

Of course, in order to answer this question, it is necessary to determine what a language is. I believe that a language is a way of communicating. And communication is an important part of our lives, which is why English children are forced to learn how to talk about bullying and healthy eating in French or Spanish for several, miserable years.

But language is so much broader than the spoken word. It is a way of communicating to another being how we feel, what we think, and what we want. And every country has its own language which will differ between communities. If I'm spoken to in any language other than English, the chances of me understanding are nil. I would love to learn sign language, but am yet to try.

But music: now that is a language that I can speak, and that everyone can speak. Every single person on this earth understands music. They will use different instruments and capture different sounds. They will differ in terms of their use of melody, rhythm or texture. But still, everyone will understand what the musician is trying to say.


Even the deaf can understand music, because they can feel it. It is a physical thing with a unique ability to communicate better than any other language.

So yes, music is a language. And that fact alone is so significant. Because whilst arts budgets are scrapped and children are told to study geography not music, and musicians are told to get 'proper jobs'....we're just destroying one of the most valuable things in human life.

The genius that WAS Mr. Michael Gove wanted everyone to study languages. But dear Mr. Gove neglected to understand that music, and the other arts, are languages. They require imagination and skill and confidence and time. They affect far more people than a bit of French ever will. So everyone who cares even a little bit about music needs to stand up and push it to the pedestal it deserves to sit on...

because music is the most powerful language of all.

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