Saturday, 16 August 2014

Just Be

Throughout life, we're bombarded with endless chances to think and feel; to do and see. We get given chances to experience obscenities. And sometimes, this is good. I don't know what it's like to jump from a plane, or to look upon the Great wall of China. I don't know what it is to be in love, or to swim with the wildest of ocean creatures. But I have seen how each one of those things had affected people. I've watched it open their eyes to new worlds within their own.

And yet, I've also watched as the fall turned to a plummet, as the Great Wall became no more than a pile of brick, and love became heartbreak. I've heard tales of people who've savoured the company of wild animals, only to be killed by them. And now, I wonder why anyone would take the risk...

When I watch other, more simple ways of life, this thought grows.

There are people who live in solidarity with only nature surrounding them, and they seem so peaceful. And I think other animals, along with these people, have the right idea. They eat, sleep, and occasionally walk a bit. I don't doubt for a single second that they think to the same level, if not a higher level than humans. Yet, where human emotions are enough to give an onlooker whiplash, animals seem so calm.

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And, this is where my theory comes in. Those animals do think and feel, but they don't go all out to take themselves further than that. They may well cry and be upset, but not over things that don't matter. They don't travel halfway across the world to sit at the foot of a waterfall. They don't surround themselves with computers and phones.

They just be.

That's what I wish I could do. Because, sure, there are some thing you miss out on, but missing out on so much chaos doesn't sound like such a bad thing!

Just being...That doesn't sound too bad.

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